The Forgotten

My sisters from long ago -
the poets of old,
who began the ideas on societal woes
Brutally honest and courageous,
they inked their prose,
on parchment, soaked in their tears
Forgotten, but not by me;
still, you are being taught in some specialites
We'll carry the torch forward
and keep the embers burning bright -
a light, among the darkest of nights


Blood Splatter
Flattened matter
Dead carcass on the road
Few care


Could it be, anything compulsory,
is evil in nature?
Seeing as how it takes away one's freedom,
and places all in the same box

Perhaps I'm nuts and this is
simply a masochistic society,
that loves its box -
I for one, do not

Dressed Up

When evil comes in frills
all dressed up and cutesy,
with it's fresh paint and vinyl siding,
it's hard to see the darkness beneath

Pale Face

The gauntly mien of a dying breed;
the homosapien, needs to feed,
on plants and green, what a wondrous thing!
The local farm, destroyed by greed,
multiplying ghastly things
From hatched embryos, that never see light,
to bodies of bulls, that die in fright
No nutrition because, no sun,
only a hot tin roof, spoils their fun;
while the ignorant human, licks their flesh,
only to die of a cancerous growth, because they enmeshed


Eating meat is a barbaric custom, one that humans no longer need. We know better now. With the advent of science and research, we now understand that humans can sustain themselves on the consumption of plants and with more and more companies out there creating great tasting plant-based foods, there's no need to eat meat, nor anything from an animal.

In the U.S. we somehow think we aren't as barbaric as those Chinamen and women that perform the Yulin meat festival each year but I beg to differ. (We'll talk about that in a minute). They believe consuming dog meat will make them impervious to the summer heat. What a load of bullshit. Humans and their religions and customs are the reason we cannot move forward as a species. Inflicting pain and suffering seems to be the way to go for you homosapiens. I feel like an alien on this planet. I cannot fathom harming a living creature and yet my very presence on this planet spells doom for something but I do make choices every day to lessen the crisis for all other species. Namely.. I am vegan and I have chosen not to procreate. It seems like such an easy choice for me but then again, I'm an INFJ. An Idealist or better yet, a Realist. I accept the fact that I am not supposed to be here and that I am fallible. I am finite. This is the reality I accept. I accept my shadow, as Carl Jung put it and the more people that accept these facts, the better off we, the planet, and its inhabitants will be.

Many here in the U.S. claim that it's tradition to eat meat and that farmers have been supplying us with food for..well forever. The Chinese that engage in the Yulin dog meat trade say something similar. They believe the meat will give them vitality as do people in the U.S. believe meat from cows, pigs, chicken, lamb..etc. will give them vitality. Just because one group of people do it for religious/traditional reasons, and the other doesn't (at least the don't think they do), doesn't make either more justifiable. Both sides have been indoctrinated to believe that the consumption of another living thing, by killing it, is right. Both sides kill another living thing for it's flesh. That is wrong. That is immoral. Oh but don't we, in the U.S., kill humanely? Killing is killing. Some slaughterhouses may do it quickly, while others slowly and painfully but it's all the same. All of these animals are in hot, cramped quarters, tightly confined, lying in their own excrement without the ability to turn or clean themselves. It brings tears to my eyes just to imagine it and I've not seen the worst documentaries or photos to back this up. I've read about it but I cannot bring myself to look at it.

These are the things that haunt my dreams. These are the things that make me question this existence. Knowing that I cannot stop the suffering of the innocent, human or any other species, is unfathomable. But this.. the consumption of another living creature doesn't have to happen. Some argue that it would impact the economy. Look, economies go up and down despite the markets by which people make money. I'm not here to argue this because I do not believe in a money based system. That was invented by men for their own greed. As a woman, I try my best to disengage from the system as much as possible, so I am not interested in continuing an outdated way of life. Humans should take strides to make changes for the better which includes doing away with a monetary system. We haven't always had that way of living you know. Anyway, my job is to be a "spiritual" advisor so to speak. Encouraging people to change in morals is the only way our species can change for the better and that will take an honest look in the mirror at our own psyche and the motifs that have infiltrated our minds with lies.

It's time for a change...

Dressed Up

The local pig fest;
not the Yulin dog meat fest,
but dressed up so you
won't know the difference