Innocence Lost

When the mind roams free,
they push a pill in front of your mouth,
to tame the savage beast
The child within, muffled and gagged
by the followers of orders
When the imagination is dulled,
and extinguished by the icy, cold water of evil,
humanity will suffer and its morals die along with it

Efficient Killing Machines

Humans are efficient killing machines
with their knife and fork,
they slice and dice the innocent cow,
chicken, lamb, duck and sow
A scorching, hot tin roof holds your friend -
no light of day, only a lonely pen

Humans are efficient killing machines,
raping the earth at every turn
with their backhoe and dump truck,
they cut and mow -
I'm sure many a bird was knocked from grace
and the earthworm murdered by a destructive rake

Humans are efficient killing machines,
with their rifles and automatic weaponry;
tanks and bombs obliterate the race -
their gases burn the eyes with it's blinding mace

Humans are efficient killing machines,
with their fancy cars and klunkers alike,
they crush the bones of animals out taking a hike
Never once do they stop and think,
'my automobile is death for the squirrel,
turtle, fox, and racoon - especially the nocturnal'

Humans cannot really see
what they've become, by way of trickery;
their minds, too far entrenched in their smartphones
Smell that stench?
The cliff's approaching - their undoing encroaching
and murder's the same, no matter the animal you're pursuing

The Cost of Being Free

A moving tank with gills,
and skin as hard as nails
Piercing eyes made to strike fear,
by a movie that many hold dear

Kept in an aquarium? I think not,
never allowing itself to rot
in a water tight maze;
keep moving, keep swimming,
the dorsal will guide,
and it's prey keep it alive

I'll never partake of an unnatural way,
you cannot hand feed me, nor sway
me to float upon idle waters;
I'll die before I give up my honor

That's the cost of being free..


In a jam packed courtroom,
her voice cracked under the weight of despair
as she shook her fist at her sister's killer

In a crowded restaurant,
devourers are hunched over saliva-drenched ceramics
for a bloodied steak, torn from innocent remains

All are guilty of murder..

Innocent Lives

Innocent lives pay the price
for the ignorance
of a non thinking populace

Evil Exists

Evil exists, because you've cooperated with it,
and in the end, only pain and suffering,
will join with you, and sing to your soul,
the murmurings of a painful death
Cancer, eats you away, from the carcass of animal flesh,
because the bloodlust of humankind, has betrayed all life

Your paved streets, and suburban roads,
lined with faux-nature scenes;
the family, bored to tears, as they seek pleasure,
in debauchery, wringing their hands in glee,
at the suffering of others - so long as they have their gadgetries

War consumes innocent babes,
and animals led to the slaughter unaware,
corralled by psychopaths, in a mad scramble for power
Their greed has stolen the gifts of nature and life,
while flickering screens keep you in a daze

So, give praise to your almighty,
for the gifts he has bestowed upon you;
showering down on your head, temporary comforts,
while the world crumbles all around -
don't worry... don't wear a frown,
because your time is comin', comin', comin' round

It's Not A Wonderful Life

Tax evaded; you've strayed,
where they'll scope you out,
like a spy on steroids,
until you pay up - as if you haven't enough

The cycle of life repeats,
as time eats his children for monthly bills -
This is not a spontaneous existence;
it's circular drudgery, as the last man,
marches to the beat of a psychopathic drum

The lone survivor; the descendant of creativity,
stands ready to jump ship to the next planet;
there, a home awaits among oblivion,
where time will no longer crave souls