In your misery,
you cannot see the history
playing out in your life,
like a song on repeat

Anger, seething underneath,
because you refrain from addressing
the issues that cause your problems

Denial is your master,
and chaos your playground;
where the demons in your mind,
sing to your soul their tune of despair

The plummet is before you now -
don't worry, don't fret,
it'll all be over soon...

Called Away

Called away, from that place of peace -
my sanctuary of power,
to this realm where my powers fail me

I tried being the Counselor,
lifting up those in need, extending my hand,
but they refused; turning to flee

Among the frailty of humanity,
their stench fills my nostrils;
the burning sulfur of evil stings my eyes,
though I cannot run; I cannot hide

Here I dwell, among the scared,
inside my limitless shell,
waiting to be called away,
returning home, to my placid sphere


Stripped away, like old paint;
their varnish, worn, in need of repair
No more luster, as the grand lies that buttressed
their existence, made them dull and exposed

False gods and pious deeds,
laid waste to their minds and bodies,
worn down by kneeling at the altar of sins
Now, they stand ready, to make themselves anew;
looking inside, for the god within


They tried to pull her back,
but the day had come
when she realized, there was no going back
Enlightened, means no return
to the way things were -
they could never understand that
So, they grow more frail by the day,
limited in their vision, as ignorance takes root

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Meaning, the World, and Purpose

I like the idea of the "bridge" to a greater humankind that Nietzsche proposes, as referenced in the above linked video. Is that possible? I'm not so sure, however, I am only looking through a subjective lens of the age I live in. There is definitely an existential angst going on in the world. This has been coming on for centuries, as humans have been looking outside themselves for answers as to the question of evil and their own existence, namely through religion and it has been an utter failure in providing the answers.

The Idealist temperaments, are what I call the mirrors of society and Nietzsche proposes that there are a few numbered people that can act as a mirror, thus bridging this gap to a better human or superhuman in the future, if they are willing to make their reflections clear from the distortions of the current age. Those who have braved the waters of self critique, challenging the misconceptions they've been indoctrinated with, and growing within the strengths of their temperament, can act as the mirror that Nietzsche describes in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. As a former counselor, I could rarely engage people in looking into this "mirror". Their fear or narcissism that they already had the answers (they were simply looking for validation) kept them from freeing themselves and moving forward in life.

The concept of becoming gods unto oneself, is also a gratifying explanation as Nietzsche describes in his writing, however some propose that we already have a generation of narcissists and this idea would perpetuate that notion. By definition, narcissists need an audience. They want to be gods unto others, not theirself, so Nietzsche, would not have been affirming that concept. He is saying, for the individual to come up higher, so high that he or she would be their own god. This could then eliminate the need for demigods to arise that we so often see among our society. This is part of the problem we find ourselves in as a society at this very moment (and in times past). Do you not see it all around you? Corporations, ran by psychopaths, or at least narcissists, who think for us, feed us, clothe us and dictate when, how and if we have electricity and water into our homes. Elections and schooling, taxes and laws that are made for the people, only selected by few in number. Preachers that offer pat answers, only to ask for money for their "cause"; agendas that are pushed by the media and so on and so on.. This was what caused the French Revolution to go in an absurd direction. Demigods rose up from among the ashes of revolution and took control of a place that would offer them status and control. This was also evident in Napoleon, who took up a cause to fight for freedom, only to become drunk on power. This is the thing that corrupts the human mind but what if we became gods to ourselves???

The idea that science and technology, have been given to us merely as comforts rather than propelling humans forward, that is stated in the above video, is quite insightful also. I write a lot about this in my poetry. This is, however, by design. The psychopaths that rule our world, design society in such a way, so as to keep them in the dark, thus solidifying their place at the helm. It's time for humans to wake up to this and realize, their real purpose for life: to fight evil and disengage from the psychopaths that are destroying lives and the planet we inhabit. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many others in the science and tech realm are heralded as heroes that have built technologic empires and helped to advance the sector. I'm sure there are many others I am unfamiliar with but to say that these people have done anything to unite society is laughable at best. technologic advancement has done nothing to improve the lives of humans nor speed up moral evolution. If anything, it has done the opposite. 

Evil Exists

Evil exists, because you've cooperated with it,
and in the end, only pain and suffering,
will join with you, and sing to your soul,
the murmurings of a painful death
Cancer, eats you away, from the carcass of animal flesh,
because the bloodlust of humankind, has betrayed all life

Your paved streets, and suburban roads,
lined with faux-nature scenes;
the family, bored to tears, as the seek pleasure,
in debauchery, wringing their hands in glee,
at the suffering of others - so long as they have their gadgetries

War consumes innocent babes,
and animals led to the slaughter unaware,
corralled by psychopaths, in a mad scramble for power
Their greed has stolen the gifts of nature and life,
while flickering screens keep you in a daze

This Halloween, give praise to your almighty,
for the gifts he has bestowed upon you;
showering down on your head, temporary comforts,
while the world crumbles all around -
don't worry... don't wear a frown,
because your time is comin', comin', comin' round

The Horror

Unable to see the horror in front of them,
their demise awaits, like a thief,
to steal their beloved delusions from them
Refusing to stare into the abyss of their soul,
their illusions give momentary comfort,
until morning arises and life begins again
Their usual comings and goings,
kept them unaware of the danger lurking;
around each corner, demonic whispers,
speak of the possession of innocence

Tricked, like a Halloween prank,
into thinking life equals annular rituals;
but she knew better
Compromising with evil, meant their end
It was coming, she'd seen it,
in visions of the night - their horror is coming,
barreling down on them like a freight train