An Appeal to Christians

Romans 14:15 "And if another believer is distressed by what you eat, you are not acting in love if you eat it. Don't let your eating ruin someone for whom Christ died."
Genesis 1:29 "Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food."

"Thou Shalt Not Kill" Exodus 20:13 (It never mentions humans or animals)

As to why we should NOT consume animal flesh, nor ANY animal products, I will say this: it is an ugly, and detestable institution. Factory Farms are not the quaint farms of your grandparents and their parents, which were bad enough on their own. These modern concentration camps, are houses of horror and torture for the animals that are imprisoned there. Corporations have seized control of not only the farmer's livelihood, but also our food supply and the bodies of living beings. Not to mention, destroying the planet. These psychopaths, filled with demons that are greedy for profit and blood, employ their minions of hell to inflict pain and suffering upon innocent creatures. You, who consume their flesh and blood, are accepting into your body, the sacrifice of evil. Do you not know, that the evil rulers of this world are worshipers of the Devil? They believe that by animal sacrifice, they can gain power in this life and pay homage to the one that gives it to them, namely the Devil. You can look up many articles and videos on the history of what some call the Illuminati and the history of the monarchy in Europe and see that they are the demonic rulers of America. They have always served evil through secret societies, rituals, pedophilia, murder, war, slavery, genocide, and control through brainwashing and propaganda. Edward Bernays can tell you all about the propaganda machine. You have been duped into engaging in the eating of flesh and drinking of blood through ritualistic sacrifice. Surely, the controllers of our society do this for profit, but their seedy underpinnings also act as a Satanic ritual that is communion to the Devil. They, insanely, believe if they sacrifice to the Devil, they will become gods on earth. This is preposterous but true. They have tricked you into supporting death and blood. Each time you consume the animals they slaughter, you take communion with evil (eating flesh, drinking blood) not the communion of Jesus represented by the cracker and grape juice given to you in church. It is imperative that we all end our consumption of animal flesh and fluids (dairy) and begin to live rightly. I speak as a repentant meat, dairy, and egg consumer. I implore you, not in judgement but in love, end this barbaric tradition. Despite what you have been told, Milk does NOT do a body good. Milk is for baby calves. It is harmful to our bodies, as it increases the acidity in our body, thus robbing us of calcium. You can look this up for yourself. Why do we have an epidemic of osteoporosis? Why cancer? Diabetes, heart disease, stroke. Meat and dairy are killing us! Need I say more? Yes? Then let the Bible that you believe in, speak for itself:

"What are your endless sacrifices to me, says Yahweh. I am sick of holocausts of rams...the blood of bulls and goats revolts me...the smoke of them fills me with disgust...Your New Moons and your pilgrimages I hate with all my soul...your hands are covered with blood, wash, make yourselves clean." (Isaiah 1:11, 13-16 JB)
"I will have mercy, and not sacrifice" (Jesus, Matthew 9:13). Hosea had given a similar warning, centuries earlier. His stand was against the violence human beings inflicted on each other, as well as on the animals. The prophet Micah had denounced the abuse of both human and animal beings."Hear this, you leaders of the house of Jacob, you rulers of the house of Israel, who despise justice and distort all that is right; who build Zion with bloodshed and Jerusalem with wickedness....yet they lean upon the Lord and say, is not the Lord with us? No disaster will come upon us."

Like Micah, Jesus prophesied against violence: "All who draw the sword will die by the sword." (Matthew 26:56). Then Jesus spoke of the destruction of the temple, the day after he had disrupted the sale of animals for slaughter at the Jerusalem Temple.(Mark 11:15-18) Obviously, the people of his own time knew what he was trying to do, because the next day Christ commended one of the teachers of the Law for his understanding. This scribe said that what God wanted was the love of one's neighbor and of Himself--not the bodies of slain animals. And "when Jesus saw that he had spoken wisely, he said to him 'You are not far from the kingdom of God.'" (Mark 12:32-34)
These are the same promises that were made by the false prophets of the past. Instead of victory, they brought destruction and desolation to their people. "Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth, that also shall he reap."(Gal. 6:7) The mutilation and slaughter of countless animals will again bring about a reign of terror which will end in destruction. We are now seeing it with the epidemic of cancer in our society. What will come next?

I know some people will use Genesis 9:3-4 as justification to eat meat but verse 4 says not to eat flesh that has its lifeblood in it. So meat eaters would probably be ok with draining the blood but what if God meant not to eat anything that contains blood? Hmm. If your God is ok with mass slaughter to the point of ecosystem collapse, then I am not ok with your God. Why would he make something and call it good, only to let you destroy it or command you to destroy it? Sounds evil to me. Psychopaths use the same logic.

I hope you can find it within yourself to end the slaughterhouses here in the U.S. by disengaging from this evil institution. We need not rebuild the temple in Jerusalem for sacrificing animals, we are already doing that across the world. Pigs, never see the light of day nor touch grass, have no room to stretch out. They must lie in their own feces and urine. They are often cut open while still alive, writhing on the floor bleeding, in pain. Screaming as they are gassed in the satanic mills. Castrated and their teeth and tails cut out with no anesthesia. Cows, prodded in terror up the kill line, often slaughtered by, mostly sadists, looking to get their kicks. Mother cows, heifers, are raped and impregnated their entire lives, their babies stolen from them as they run after them in desperation, all so WE can have her milk. The book of Leviticus, given to people before salvation, was a list of so many befuddled rules (to sustain the greed of man until Jesus came) that it's difficult to tell what animals to eat or not. In our day and age, all animals for slaughter are sick, dying, or lying in filth, of which Leviticus says A LOT about in regards to refraining from such meat. We need to refrain from the slaughter of all innocence, including war, but animals have no say in their fate; people do. Neither look to your doctors for advice on eating. That industry has been taken over by psychopaths also. Naturopaths and natural dietitians have been deemed unknowledgeable, so as to keep you in the dark about your health. It's time to begin to think for yourself and pray that your eyes be opened to the truth. Learn about eating a healthy, plant-based diet (veganism), the way God intended.

All mothers and women alike should be against the dairy industry. Learn more here.

Life Ain't Free

We're born, with no say in the matter,
no thought did we conjure,
this existence that forced it's way into us
Squeezed out of the womb, screaming,
we are thrust into a mold;
placed in front of flickering screens,
that tell us who we are and what we need
Dragged, kicking and screaming, to the schoolhouse,
with it's wild eyed extroverts and sinful teachers
Parent's, too stupid to know or understand,
that life would make its demands, and we'd have to pay the piper:
Graduate, get a job, pay the corporation

Taxes, bills, basic needs-
nothing given; nothing free
Told we must become something,
from among the chosen boxes, but what about,
the Romantic, Introvert, Idealist, free thinker?
They were not factored into the equation

Now, old age sets in- who's gonna wipe your rear end?
Hope you've enough money to retire,
the psychopath, cares not how you expire

Please, Oh Death! Do not delay, if you see me in pain
For I trust no one to help me, in my elder days

My Religion

My religion, is poetry -
my mind the church
Where imagination burns,
hotter than a torch

All is well,
where innovation dwells
Here, inside this limitless shell

My mind roams free;
with poetry,
anything, I'll be

No rules, no dogma,
no pastor or priest;
just me and my thoughts;
my pen; my tree

My religion is poetry,
my mind, the church,
where creativity is shaped,
and lyrics, burst forth with haste

Come inside, taste and see,
come and read,
bring your tea

For my religion,
will TRULY, make you free

At War

I waken, within darkened quarters;
moonlight pierces the window,
searching my mind, for answers to the dream
The psyche, vividly alive - intuition has arrived,
fully aware, that we are at war

Evil has used manipulative tools,
as bloodlines grip their spot at the helm
They've been steering society's ship;
the masses, ready to tip, but I am not switched off;
like an electrical current, I am charged by the universe:
plants and trees, its earthen seeds, now grow within -
this belly that refuses the flesh of my animal friends

Yet for all my disgust with society,
I will yet shine as a beacon, as best I can,
within this insane asylum, I've been trapped in
Yes, I will speak as my ancestors foretold -
a Romantic, whose message, will never grow old


What you think and seem,
are two different concepts, in actuality
For one looks through blinders,
the other, seen from without, unhindered

The self, stretched like a wire string,
across the instrument of society,
sings its calumny of the self;
where the rancor against intuition,
vibrates with the murmurings of life

Each day, we struggle against custom,
and each night, die,
so we may rest in romantic mysticism;
where the self comes alive,
within the subconscious mind

Sadism in a Time of Apathy

They kicked me and beat me,
because I would not comply, with their sadistic high
I, who did no harm- didn't even fight back,
just slunk in fear; terror seized me, I could not dare,
move nor breathe; my throat, in dry heaves

Prodding me forward, because my weight, they couldn't move
Anticipating death, my knees buckled, splitting my hooves
I fell to the cold, concrete floor, at the feet of my accuser
I still don't understand, what I did to my abuser
Next up, me, on the kill line- he slit my throat, ear to ear,
blood ran warm, my eyes, widened with fear
Terror and panic, as I felt life exiting me -
still kicking and moaning, they split my carcass, without warning
Now, you eat me, toxic energy and fear; feces also, covered my rear

Now, you know. Do you care? Sitting at your table, unaware
Consuming flesh, of your fellow creatures
Bacon, ham, eggs, steak, duck and chicken, the feature
Meals you thought were brought in love, but
peace never settled on me from above
So next time you sit in your pew, ask your God, to fill you with love,
for the baby chick, that was ground up alive,
or the heifer, whose baby was stolen from her on lies,
because milk, doesn't do a body good- that duty is given to plant food
Next time you kneel, piously, at your alter to pray,
ask your God to fill you with empathy, for all creatures,
no matter their species

Industry Lies

You were lied to, so was I
Told we needed meat, to stay alive
Dictated to by industry, told what to eat,
they said we never needed trees

Plants are life, flesh is not,
all creatures feel the same lot
Life is hard enough for all,
don't need abusive slaughter making the call

So next time you see an ad that says,
"Milk it does the body good"
Just throw it right back and shout, NO!
I only need plant food!
Milk is for babies, calves to be exact,
So, piss off! You industrial psychopath!