I Wish

I wish I could be the one who doesn't care
Never attempting to enlighten or educate,
nor be the one, to reciprocate
If only I could turn a blind eye,
maybe my heart wouldn't ache, nor tears I'd cry
I wish I could simply write of clouds and roses;
light-hearted stanzas, of rainbows only
If only I didn't see the hurt in lonely faces,
perhaps I could pass them by, with no traces
It would make my life much easier, I suppose,
to never empathize with animal's woes
Yet, I sense their pain and agony-
lonely animals, enslaved at the factory
Why must I sense, the evils of this world?
Powerless, to free them, once and for all, from evil hordes
I cannot turn a blind eye, so I suppose
I will go on sensing hurt, with all its woes
A cruel life, you dealt me fate,
knowing I could only write,
never being able to free a one from strife
I've tried in vain, for twenty years;
tried to relieve the mother's tears
Rescued animals, only to find,
more would be abandoned; Oh, how I hate the unkind!
I now re…

Sadism in a Time of Apathy

Kicked and beaten, slunk in fear;
seized by terror as they're prodded forward
Anticipating death, knees buckling, split hooves
The cold, concrete floor, at the feet of an accuser
No understanding of what they did to their abuser

Next up on the kill line
throat slit, ear to ear, blood runs warm
eyes, wide with fear
Terror and panic- life exiting
still kicking and moaning
carcass split, without warning
The public consumes, toxic energy and fear;
feces also, covered their rear

Now, you know,  do you care?
Sitting at your table, unaware
Consuming the flesh, of your fellow creatures:
Bacon, ham, eggs, steak, duck and chicken, the feature
Meals you thought were brought in love,
but peace never settled on them from above

So next time you sit in your pew,
ask your God, to fill you with love,
for the baby chick, that was ground up alive,
or the heifer, whose baby was stolen from her on lies;
because milk doesn't do a body good

 Next time you kneel, piously,
 at your altar to pray,

The Horror

Unable to see the horror in front of them,
their demise awaits, like a thief,
to steal their beloved delusions
Refusing to stare into the abyss of their soul,
their illusions give momentary comfort,
til' morning arises and life begins again
Their usual comings and goings,
kept them unaware of the danger lurking;
around each corner, demonic whispers,
speak of the possession of innocence
Tricked, like a Halloween prank,
into thinking life equals annular rituals;
but she knew better
Compromising with evil, meant their end
It was coming, she'd seen it,
in visions of the night - their horror is coming,
barreling down on them like a freight train

New Year

As one year comes to and end,
and another draws near;
we reflect upon things we hold dear
Could next year hold they key,
to a new philosophy?

Where kindness reigns;
selfishness takes a backseat with pain
and the lingering Winter, with its bitter cold,
burns to ash, a new world order foretold


Blinded by feminism
Hatred, spewing like a burst water pipe
Hot and steaming, as mid summer sun
Blind to the horrors committed by faculty
Testing on animals is commonplace at the factory
When women should be protecting the weak,
they're too busy yelling about male meat
Horrified by masculine flesh,
they will them to die, with a scathing eye
All the while, the lesser are tortured,
right under their nose, by whitecoats in the labroom


Someone watches from her cell-
a phone, a cubicle, a closed mind
Alone, her brain roams neurotic pathways,
further alienating her from any camaraderie

Swelling Crowd

The tiny and small stand strong
Comrades and pals, they bond,
until the crowd swells to uncontrollable bounds-
then, the tiny unravel and cast aside their ties;
like the frayed ends of a sleeve,
the scraggly strands, hang as a reminder of what once was