A View from My Mind

If you could but view my mind,
you may just find a jumbled room
of half notes and wits, floating about,
as in a moat, mingled with the good and bad
The view would at times be kind,
and at others, the meanest sublime
Dogmatic to a fault, drawing the line firmly,
with those whose thoughts are but wormly

Ah, this world, that feels out of date,
to me, it's but an isolated state,
where the crowds push you aside,
and the lonely, frail ones, steal away to hide
Like a recipe, my mind mixes the best
and worst of ingredients; this I've come to know,
but in the end, I'd love to have peace, to show
I fear only the last of them, now hold the cards,
and the Romantic, well, we need only leave our regards