The myths behind what "they" say will spell life success, can only be labeled..dysfunctional.

 1. Meritocracy: "If you don't make it, it's your fault". How about, "If you don't make it, it's because you didn't participate in the narcissistic, psychopathic form of manipulation and ruin of your fellow human". I know, I've seen corporate takeover and ruin of a community. I worked in mental health for 10 years. If you didn't succeed, it's not because you're lazy or stupid, it's because the thought of participating in a money-driven society fills you with dread. Yes, apathy does exist, but you must be able to discern those from others who have had the misfortune of not being able "get with the program."

2. Individualism: "It's all about me." I agree with individualism from the standpoint of finding out about yourself and breaking off from a herd that is headed for failure, but not the selfish individual that puts their "achievements" ahead of family, society, community. Let's appreciate simplicity and cooperation.

3. Secularism: While religion has contributed to a plethora of issues (war, domination, slavery, etc.) it has also left the non-thinking human flailing and wondering. "Oh, what shall we do with ourselves with no one to tell us how to live?" We Romantics/Transcendentalists, etc.. have a way of elevating ourselves naturally. Though this may be difficult for most, we can teach you ways to participate in the wonder of existentialism and help focus your mind so that anxiety doesn't spin you out of control. The creative process can channel these things into a productive life.

4. Love: "There's someone for everyone. A soul mate that will complete me." Hogwash.. humans are fallible and to place that kind of hope and pressure on someone is lunacy. You can only complete you through self-discovery and allowing for others shortcomings; not in the sense that you become a doormat, but in the way of allowing others to grow and change, as we all do. There comes a point when you have to let people go that are draining your energy; but in general, we all go through changes and to place the burden of your happiness on someone else, is absurd.

5. The media: They influence societal thoughts and make people paranoid about each other. This serves the purpose of keeping people unstable so the powers that be can run amok and keep us bowing to their every whim and seeking their help like children to their parents.Your direct experiences are the only news you need.

6. You need to be perfect: Nonsense.. what we need is to be content and have authentic connections with which to share ideas and communicate. :)

Learn from where your anxieties stem and channel them into positive outlets; not shouting matches, nor marches to force laws onto everyone, making them accept you as you are but direct contact with the community and through self-discovery. Learning the "why" of what you do will show you that you've been programmed to behave a certain way and that the society as it has been established for us, creates monsters. We must rise above it..

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